About Us

At Mj3 Partners, our team of expert consultants will partner with you to find top-tier talent for your open positions as well as help improve your overall recruitment strategy. Our management team has 40 plus years of national recruitment experience across all levels in a variety of industries..

Finding the right hire that will make significant contributions for you is the mission of Mj3 Partners. Our team employs the latest recruiting techniques and technologies, digging deep to find candidates who possess the appropriate skills, the experience and the ability to assimilate into your company culture. These successes will make an impact on your team for years to come.

Mj3 Partners is based in Boston, MA
with a satellite office in Phoenix, AZ.

Whether you are looking for an interim recruiting department or to augment your existing recruiting team, Mj3 Partners is the right solution. We have the experience, competitive intelligence and tools to help efficiently enhance your company with the right people.

With Mj3 Partners you will get

Our Client Engagement Directors, Engagement Consultants and our Research Consultants will collaborate with you to deliver top notch candidates using creative sourcing and marketing techniques. This team will be dedicated to your searches in order to eliminate inefficient ramp-up.

Mj3 Partners works on a flat hourly-rate basis. The Mj3 pricing model allows our clients to maintain control of costs throughout the engagement while reducing the overall time to fill. Our unique approach enables our clients to easily reallocate our resources as they deem necessary.

In instances where the searches are proving to be challenging due to difficult skill sets, location, or market saturation, our model ensures a consistent flow of quality candidates. While traditional agencies will often move onto another search, we will dedicate a team who will invest the time and resources necessary to overcome those obstacles. They will dig deep, perform market research and reach out to top candidates to ensure we generate results at a lower cost per hire than contingency agencies.
The design of our process allows our clients to remain in control of the project. As recruitment needs change, so can the resources of Mj3 Partners. We can add bandwidth to a project or adjust hours based on verbal notification from our client to meet demand without a long-term contract.
Whether you need a partner to help fill one role or handle all of your corporate/satellite hiring initiatives, you can count on Mj3 Partners. We act as your e-recruitment arm and seamlessly integrate with your current recruitment strategies. You no longer have the ramp-up time and costs associated with hiring an internal team, such as training, infrastructure and recruitment tools.
Our weekly reports capture “the search” and provide you concise information on candidate movement throughout the entire life of the project. We also uncover and share competitive industry information, market research and intelligence. All of the candidates found as part of the search are yours to keep and add to your own internal database.

Passive Candidate Research

Sometimes the best candidates are passive. They could be working for a competitor or not actively looking at all. Mj3 Partners are experts at uncovering and presenting those candidates.
Providing qualified, interview-ready candidates is our specialty. Our goal is to generate hires that contribute to the overall success of your company and positively impact the culture of your organization. Our focus is to fill positions, not deliver a paper trail.