Our Guarantee

How a company recruits tells a lot about that company to the outside world. Typically the recruitment process represents the first exposure potential candidates have to you and your culture. At Mj3 Partners, we take that responsibility seriously; knowing that often times, we are the voice making that first impression to candidates.

So much of a company’s success is based on the right people propelling it forward.

There are many variables and unknowns when it comes to finding the right candidate; it is impossible to guard against each and every one.

At Mj3 Partners, we want our partner clients to know we have their best interests in mind when approaching each and every job search. We do this by guaranteeing certain things will happen as part of the services partnership we are creating:
  • We start with a complete assessment of your positions and requirements
  • We learn how your recruitment process works and customize our engagement to fit seamlessly with your organization and its culture
  • We offer suggestions based on decades of recruiting experience on how to make the process more efficient to fill openings as quickly as possible with the right candidates
  • We assign one point of contact throughout the life of the project in order to ensure the project is running smoothly
  • We establish recurring meetings and maintain continual communication to discuss where candidates are in the interview process
  • We produce reports and progress updates to keep stakeholders informed and in control
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Approximately 2 weeks into the process, we will meet to review the partnership and ensure all parties are comfortable moving forward with the project